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Climate data links
  • Detailed long term averages for Australia from the BoM. Gives monthly and annual averages for about 1140 stations based on all years of record (up to and including 1999 for stations still operating). Includes mean and extreme maximum and minimum temperatures, number of days >40, >35, >30, <2 and <0 degrees, mean 09.00 and 15.00 temperature, humidity and wind speed, mean and median rainfall with upper and lower deciles, highest and lowest monthly totals and highest daily total, number of clear and cloudy days, and, for some locations, evaporation, sunshine and maximum wind gust.  (27/08/00)
  • Worldclimate's searchable database of long term mean temperature, rainfall and pressure information. For Australia, the main data has been drawn from the Global Historical Climate Network version 1 and 2 databanks. For the moment, this is the most comprehensive and accessible set of Australian climatological data on the net of which I'm aware, even though it is global in scope. I will add links to the entire database shortly, but it is VERY large and takes some expertise in coding and programming to access. (19/2/00)
  • Current forecasts and brief climatological information for Australian cities and towns, and for many world cities from the World Meteorological Organisation (12/12/02 xPF)
  • Climate data available from the Bureau of Meteorology. This page allows you to select a meteorological element (e.g. rainfall, maximum temperature) and a state, and find the stations and the years for which this data is available from the National Climate Centre. Those that prefer ftp lists should use this overview and this ftp directory (29/10/03)
  • Rainfall records for Western Australia from the WA Water and Rivers Commission. This well organised site gives full historical monthly and annual rainfall data for hundreds of WRC raingauge sites, as well as for many Bureau of Meteorology sites in WA. Station information and statisitcal analyses are also available for all stations. (20/08/02)
  • High quality dataset of Australian Temperature and Rainfall - high quality daily and monthly records for representative climate stations across Australia. See Neville Nicholls homepage before visiting this ftp site, and read the readme files for details. (19/2/00)
  • Australian rainfall trends from 1910 to 1995, from the CSIRO. (06/04/00)
  • Blair Trewin's page of Australian temperature extremes. Useful and detailed listing of highest and lowest maximum and minimum temperatures for each day of the year for about 80 stations around Australia. Other state temperature extreme data, too. (19/2/00)
  • Notable heavy rainfalls in Australia, with some overseas comparison figures, from the BoM (19/2/00)
  • Roger Brugge's World-wide climate summaries; monthly from January 1995 (19/2/00)
  • Atmospheric variables plotting page from CDC. This is a fascinating new page, and worth playing with! Plot the NCEP daily analysis data, OLR, and Reynolds SST data for anywhere on the globe. Data coverage is from 1980 to the latest NCEP analysis available, surface to 50 hPa, with 13 variables available including temperature, humidity and pressure. You have the option of averaging the last n days or accepting the default of 1 day. You can plot the mean for the day, or the anomaly or the climatology. To plot Australia, select CUSTOM in question 5 and enter latitude and longitude as -45, -10, 110, 160. (19/2/00)
  • Global monthly surface and upper climatic averages since 1990 from NCDC. These are derived from the WMO standard monthly CLIMAT bulletins provided by each country's national meteorological agency, and are likely to be more accurate and detailed than the CDC averages, but cover fewer stations, and are not available until several months after the month to which they apply. About 50 stations in Australia. The tables are fairly straightforward to read once you work out the file names, and information is available here for surface and upper data tables. (19/2/00)
  • Global Summary of Day NCDC, monthly day-by-day summaries of the weather at 8000 or so locations world wide. Data is from 1994 to about a week ago, with weekly summaries for the current month. Good coverage of Australia, but files are b-i-g, and you need some facility with codes. (29/12/00)