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Weather observations links
  1. Observations map for Australia from Current weather observations are plotted on a draggable Google Earth map. Click any weather station site for current weather and a graph of the past 3 days. Or access radar and webcams by clicking their colour-coded locations. A brilliant and easy-to-use interactive map that packs a lot of information on your screen. (08/09/05)
  2. Latest BoM observations for all Australian weather stations from Weatherzone. Select the state you want from the list under Current Observations on the menu top left. Click any heading to sort by that column. Click on a location name to get the past 3 days observations and some nifty graphs. All observations include fire danger ratings. (17/02/02)
  3. The latest weather reports, simply presented, for hundreds of locations in Australia and New Zealand. Or go straight to the individual state listings: ACT | NSW | NT | QLD | SA | TAS | VIC | WA. Click on the location name to get more detailed information and forecast! But take care - everything appears to be computer generated, and whilst the weather reports are useful, the forecasts can sometimes be quite whacky! From Weather Site Com (10/01/00)
  4. A neat forecasts, warnings and observations interface from the BoM's SILO Website. (10/01/00)
  5. Latest daily rainfall and temperature maps (10/01/00)
  6. Bureau of Meteorology gateway page to weather graphics: Rainfall, temperature, satellite images, weather maps, solar radiation, sea surface temperature and vegetation index maps, including a substantial and growing archive. (24/05/00)
  7. Rainfall and temperature graphics are also available from the BoM for all Australia, each state, the southeast, and Murray Darling Basin, in colour or black & white, for periods from the latest day to 3 years using these pull down menus. (13/4/00)
  8. Live automatic weather data for Western Australia from the WA Department of Agriculture and Food. Includes data of special interest to farmers, such as soil temperature, solar radiation and Delta T calculations. (04/09/08)
  9. Meteograms for Australian cities showing the past 24 hours' weather graphically, from University of Wyoming. Sydney | Canberra | Melbourne | Hobart | Adelaide | Perth | Darwin | Brisbane | Alice Springs | Townsville | Cairns | Dubbo | Broome | Auckland | Christchurch | Wellington An explanation is here, and the page from which you can access other meteograms and the raw data is here. You need to know airport codes, and they are here, but beware that only the codes in upper case are airport codes, and only a few of these are available as meteograms. (10/01/00)
  10. From the US NWS, easy-to-understand hourly weather reports (including each hour for the past 24 hours) for Australia | New Zealand | the USA and the world compiled from decoded aviation METAR reports. Limited but useful coverage of major Australasian cities. (10/01/00)
  11. The CSIRO DAR Weather Wall - great for people in Melbourne; gives a summary of current and recent weather at Aspendale, a suburb of Melbourne, plus latest satellite pix, and more. Requires Java compatible browser. (10/01/00)
  12. Australian and New Zealand ski resort and cross-country reports from Ski Info (10/01/00)
  13. Latest snow conditions from NSW and Victorian resorts from and Weather News International (10/01/00)
  14. Current and past Greenness Index Satpix of Australia from Australia Environment Online. These satellite pictures from NOAA satellites show the Greenness or Normalised Difference Vegetation Index for Australia averaged over a fortnight. The archives go back to 1981, and allow you to see fortnightly panels individually or as a movie, at various resolutions, or maximum/minimum greenness for each year, or time trace analyses by region. (19/2/00)
  15. Current and past Greenness Index Satpix for Queensland from Queensland DPI Long Paddock. The archives of fortnightly averaged satpix go back to 1991. (19/2/00)
  16. Barometer plots, NSW Coast from MHL. (10/01/00)

International & Global

  1. Current and recent temperature, precipitation, pressure and wind graphics for New Zealand. From VUW. The pressure graphic also shows pressure trends over the past 4 days, whilst the temperature graphic shows temperature variations at the same time of day for the past week (10/01/00)
  2. Dairy farmer Brian's Current Weather page for New Zealand (07/06/00)
  3. Hourly weather data for Australian Antarctic bases from the Bureau of Meteorology. (29/05/04)
  4. Australian Antarctic stations real time data from the Australian Antarctic Division (10/01/00)
  5. Antarctic Real Time Data from AMRC. (29/05/04)
  6. Australian Antarctic Stations plotted data -- temperature, humidity, wind and pressure data, plotted monthly for the past few of years. Click on the station of interest, then follow the links to monthly weather plots. (19/2/00)