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A (very) brief introduction to the Australian version of METAR code

METARs are METeorological Aviation Reports which are sent in by automatic weather stations and observers at airports around the country, usually hourly, on the hour.

SPECIs are reports of special weather conditions, such as sudden wind or pressure changes and heavy rainfalls

The easiest way to understand the code is to look at a few examples

YWLM SPECI YWLM 1100Z 18016KT 9999 3ST010 24/22 Q1011 RMK NEXT REPORT 1900Z

YPMQ METARAWS YPMQ 1200Z 09009G13KT //// 26.0/19.7 Q1009.5 RMK RF00.0/000.6

Location codes

These are the locations in the order they appear in BoM reports on the Net

Capital Cities: