First timers, please read this!

This page gives easy access to the Bureau of Meteorology's Australian Rainfall and River Conditions interface. Information is updated hourly. Check these important notes about the data.

Use the links above to select national overviews, or to drill down into the state maps and data. The initial links at left let you see where flooding or the heaviest rain is occurring and give important links.

After selecting a state, use the state tables at left to open district maps in new windows or rainfall and river level tabulations in this window, allowing you to move easily between different periods and districts. Abbreviations used in the tables are:

  • rh = Latest river heights
  • 1h = Hourly rainfall for each of the past 8 hours
  • 3h = 3-hourly rainfall for each of the past 8 three-hourly periods
  • 24h = Rainfall for each of the past 7 days, and the period since 9am today

If you're lost with the river basin names, use the maps listed in Helpful links at left. Major river basins are also named in blue on the maps.