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Australian forecast matrix

Computer forecasts:

Public forecasts
Long Range



Public forecast links

Help with public forecasts: The Bureau of Meteorology's website has an excellent plain language Guide to Forecasting the Weather. Also check AWN's Learn About Forecasting.
Related topics: Public forecasts are by their nature kept simple and general. If you want more detail and precision, it is worth learning to read area forecasts and terminal area forecasts (TAFs) available in Forecasts > Aviation.

Official forecasts


Official forecasts from the Bureau of Meteorology.

Use the AWN quicklink to forecasts above for fast access. (12/04/04)



Current forecasts and brief climatological information for Australian cities and towns from the World Meteorological Organisation.

Australian city and town forecasts are provided by the Bureau. This site also provides easy access to official forecasts for many world cities. (12/04/04)


A simple forecast interface from Telsta Bigpond.

Forecasts from the Bureau with additional information provided by the Bureau's Special Services Unit. (12/04/04)

Official and unofficial forecast mix


Forecasts for capital cities | states, towns and districts, packaged in an easy to use format by Weatherzone. Use this link for a personalised forecast.

Weatherzone bases its forecasts on those from the Bureau. In addition, forecasters from The Weather Company provide additional forecasts for areas and extra days not available from the Bureau. (12/04/04)


7-day forecasts for capital cities and 4-day forecasts for 118 towns from bases its forecasts on those from the Bureau. In addition, Weathernews International provides additional forecasts for extra days not available from the Bureau. (12/04/04)

Unofficial forecasts

Note: The following forecasts are completely computer generated. They may offer incredible detail for a huge number of locations for many days ahead, however they are merely presenting the output statistics from one of the global models in an understandable format. They are unlikely to be as accurate as forecasts by professional meteorologists who take many (varying) computer model outputs into account and bring professional opinion and local knowledge to bear. With every second website offering global forecasts, the following is merely a selection of the better ones.


Forecasts out to 7 days, plus current weather, sun and moon details, from Wunderground for hundreds of locations.

Select a state from the list below the map for a long list of places and their latest weather reports. Click a place name for forecasts and other information. Be prepared for advertisements. (12/04/04)


Forecasts out to 15 days for about 1,000 locations in Australia from the US company Accuweather.

Select a state from the select a country or territory box, and be presented with a bewildering list of places to choose from. Also gives hourly forecasts for the next few days along with more details for each forecast period but bear in mind the note above. Be prepared for advertisements. (12/04/04)

Selected international links


Current forecasts and brief climatological information for cities worldwide from the World Meteorological Organisation.

An initiative of the WMO, this site provides brief forecasts from the official national weather agency from participating countries. It is preferred to the huge range of international forecasts available on the web as it is not based solely on the output of one computer model and incorporates the human judgement of skilled forecasters in each country. (12/04/04)


New Zealand forecasts from MetService.

Official forecasts for NZ. (12/08/11)


New Zealand forecasts from NZ City

Metservice forecasts for many cities and towns in NZ. (12/04/04)