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Daily Weather Summary Archive and Index 2017

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Today's Daily Weather Summary

The news on AWN is collected and written as I have time in between maintaining and developing the site and trying to lead a fairly normal life! As a one-person website, AWN does not have the resources of a fully-fledged newsroom, but there are reputable professional media that have sections or topics specifically devoted to current weather and climate. I've listed what I consider the best of these on AWN's Weather and Climate Media Reports page.

Articles are listed in normal type, Newsbits, Briefs and short references are in small italics.


13  Ex-Tropical Cyclone Cook slams into New Zealand after damaging Vanuatu and New Caledonia
14  Former Cyclone Cook goes out with a whimper as Kiwis begin to clean up
17  Deadly dilemmas: why does the forecaster get blamed when the forecast goes wrong?
17  Darwin shivers in exceptional weather set-up
17 Recent weather briefs - AFRICA: Flooding in Zimbabwe and Malawi, drought in Horn of Africa


01 Odds shorten on an El Niño developing this year
01 Summer report cards show a continent of extremes
01 Find places and weather terms more easily
03 Australian weather briefs: Cyclone possibility N of Darwin, water flows into Lake Eyre, dramatic storm photos, hail insurance claims, record Kimberley wet season
03 Climate & climate change briefs: Bee extinction in USA, underestimated effects of climate change on endangered species, plants and animals migrate from increasing heat, increasing spread of alien species
04 Tropical low forecast to become cyclone on Sunday morning
05 Tropical Cyclone Blanche skirts Darwin, heads for Kimberley
05 Heavy rain and thunderstorms torment parts of NSW, QLD
06 Tropical Cyclone Blanche arrives in WA
06 First BoM Drought Statement issued in seven months as Bundaberg region drought-declared
06 Australian weather briefs: Sydney February hailstorm insurance payout, SE QLD record heat
13  Central and NE NSW cop heavy rain and hail as thundery weather dawdles through
23  WMO celebrates World Meteorological Day with great news
25  North QLD tropical low may hit coast as Category 4 Cyclone
25  Tropical Cyclone Debbie to head for QLD coast - afternoon update
26  Tropical Cyclone Debbie intensifies to Category 2 overnight
26  TC Debbie to intensify to Category 3 tonight as it approaches coast
26  North QLD gets cyclone-ready: on the ground
27  11.00EST Warnings get more serious, extend along 580km of QLD coast
30 After hitting Central QLD coast, ex-TC Debbie brings massive flooding to SE QLD and NE NSW


01 Storms bring vicious winds but good rain to WA wheatbelt
03 Monsoon returns in the north
03 The Big Wet in the news
03 Heat set to intensify in the south
03 It's been hot, but also dry: life in the pressure cooker
03 January: record heat in NSW, S QLD; wet in the north and west
05 Monsoonal rain sets records falling around Darwin
05 US Congress gets to work dismantling environmental safeguards
05 NSW in deep fry as the heat continues
05 Short references: Trump tweet errors, BoM Facebook photos
06 Sydney tosses and turns through a pair of record hot nights
06 Widespread rain in SA and VIC gives some places more than a month's rain in a day
07 Storms bring late morning flash flooding to Sydney
07 Intensified monsoon trough threatens two cyclones
08 World weather briefs: Chile bushfires, flooding in Peru, Colombia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines
09 Repeat of late January rain expected in south after low brings Karratha 200mm
10 Record cold and wet in the west, record heat in the east
10 Australian weather briefs: Heatwave guides, WA and NT flooded roads, life in a wet WA
10 Offbeat: Prime Ministerial sink hole, magpie geese move into Lake Cowal
15 Floods, heat and bushfires
15 Tropical rain likely to contract towards the east
15 Possible twitches of an El Niño, but too early to call
16 Australian weather briefs: At least 41 homes lost in NSW St Ivan bushfire, flooding in South West WA, keeping farm animals cool
16 Antarctic weather brief: 60sq km iceberg calves off Pine Island Glacier
17 First Tropical Cyclone of season may form soon in Gulf of Carpentaria
17 New WA radar the second of three
17 Wild storms cause mayhem in eastern NSW
17 Australian weather briefs: Fitzroy River flooding WA, WA flood infrastructure damage
18 Tropical Cyclone Dineo brings death and destruction to impoverished Mozambique
18 Recent weather briefs - Africa: Malawi flooding, heavy snow in Algeria
18 Recent weather briefs - Asia: Cold, snow and heavy rain in Middle East; Saudi Arabian flooding; hail and snow in Oman; Afghanistan snow, avalanches and floods; second consecutive Mongolian dzud
19 NSW RFS assessments put numbers to a tragic event
19 Severe thunderstorms cross Sydney for second day in a row
19 Australian weather briefs: Gulf of Carpentaria tropical low
19 Recent weather briefs - Asia: Heavy rain, wind, floods and landslides in Indonesia
20 Weak tropical cyclone brings copious rain to Gulf coast
20 Cold change sets records, brings snow to VIC and NSW Alps
21 Record cold February night across NSW
23 Autumn likely to be warm and dry: BoM
23 Ex-Tropical Cyclone Alfred still causing problems
23 Climate change a side issue as blackouts fire arguments
24 Bureau releases major reports on WA flooding, eastern Australian heatwave
26 Weather bomb Doris blasts across UK into Western Europe
26 What is a weather bomb?
27 Afghanistan and Pakistan pay the price for unprecedented snowfalls
27 Recent weather briefs - AFRICA: Heavy rain in South Africa
27 Recent weather briefs - ASIA: Avalanches in Central Asia, floods in Indonesia
27 Recent weather briefs - SOUTH AMERICA: Chilean fires, floods in Peru


04 Storms, deluges and floods in QLD and northern NSW
05 Climate drivers indicate wet in the north but neutral elsewhere
05 If you thought the climate debate has been ugly, you haven’t seen anything yet
05 You've heard of the global warming hiatus? New study confirms it didn't happen
05 Hot and wet: Bureau issues Annual Climate Statement for 2016
05 Severe weather brings floods to southern Thailand
Strong winds and coastal flooding cause damage and disruption in Denmark and Germany
06 Extreme wintry weather hits Europe
Torrential rain brings flooding to Far North QLD
Big Freeze creates havoc in Europe
09 Short references: Eastern USA snow, VIC mosquitoes, Central Australian melioidosis, dogs in cars on hot days, Dakar Rally floods in Bolivia
10 Severe to extreme heatwave to continue in eastern Australia
10 Study gives details of the late December floods in Central Australia
Australian monsoon to ease
Heavy rain and floods in Thailand's dry season
OK, what does carbon dioxide look like?
11 Severe weather continues in Europe, but warming starting in the northern hemisphere
11 Short references: NSW Clarence Valley storm, greening of Central Australia, hot in NSW, high electricity demand in Sydney and area, more Dakar Rally floods, NZ tornadoes, record NZ drought ends, climate change impact on hospitals.
13 Baking heat ahead of cold front sweeping southeastern states
23 More storms and rain in SA as eastern states feel the heat
23 Soaked start to the wet season brings floods but happy pastoralists
23 Slip, slop, slap! But for pineapples?
24 Record rain brings crocs, grasshoppers, flooding to NT and SA
24 A muggy night in SE Australia
24 Spare a thought for sweltering Moree
26 Australia Day mostly fine across the nation as cyclone brews in WA
28 BoM Climate Outlook: hot, dry in the SE, wet, cool in the NW
28 Wind, rain and hot air as low moves away from WA north coast
29 The extreme weather behind the Abruzzo avalanche disaster
29 New Zealand's "summer that wasn't"
31 All quiet on the El Niño/La Niña front
31 Europe: Winter returned with a vengeance
31 North America: Drought eased in California while major winter tornado outbreak hit southeast USA
31 South America: Historic bushfires create "Dante's inferno" in southern Chile
31 Asia: Smog chokes Beijing as Japan is buried under snow
31 Africa: Heaviest snow in Sahara Desert in memory; floods in the east
31 Pacific nations: French Polynesia and the Philippines awash