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Climatic Data

The following are useful resources when dealing with Australian climatic data:

  1. Australian weather stations and what they measure, from the Bureau of Meteorology. Select the weather elements and area you want, and get a list of relevant stations, and their locations and period of record. (05/01/01)
  2. Complete listings of Australian rainfall and climatic stations by state sorted numerically and alphabetically from the Bureau of Meteorology (21/03/00)
  3. The same, broken into geographical boxes 5 degrees latitude/longitude square (21/03/00)
  4. Maps showing the Australian rainfall district boundaries (21/03/00)
  5. Maps of operational Australian rainfall, forecast and aviation areas from staff at Kalgoorlie - Boulder MO (21/03/00)
  6. Australian Rainfall Stations List from the Bureau of Meteorology gives locations of all current daily reporting rainfall stations (21/03/00)
  7. Australian Reference Climatic Stations List, also from the BoM, gives locations and photographs of the Australian Reference Climatic Station Network (15/12/02)
  8. Weather analysis chart archives. After a surface chart for 23 June 1977? This list of BoM archives -- microfilm, paper, tape and online -- shows the complete range of surface, upper and other charts available (mostly for a fee) from the Bureau. (21/03/01)